What builders in London should be avoided?

Although it may seem that an expensive construction company should meet all our expectations, it turns out that in practice it does not have to be that way. The high price is sometimes very exaggerated, and in addition does not go hand in hand with the quality of services that every customer applies for. When building our own house, we want it to be an investment for many years. The money we spend on such construction is sometimes our life savings and we certainly do not want them to be wasted by irresponsible and unprofessional builders.

If we want to find the best buidlers in London, we must remember that we will meet with hundreds of offers from which we will have to select the best. This task is not the simplest, and already at the first stage it can cause us a lot of problems. There is a very long list of certain aspects that show that a construction company in London should not be chosen by us. If we observe any of the following practices at our service provider, we should consider switching to another company.


Although the price for kitchen installation or bathroom refurbishment in London may seem very attractive to us, in practice, however, it is not worth considering this option without thinking. It is worth considering where the very low cost for the service comes from. Perhaps this means the use of low-quality materials, low pay for employees due to their little experience and others. Some building companies in London may reach for apprentices who are not paid and they have little experience. Even if we accept this state of affairs, make sure that there is another experienced employee standing above each apprentice who acts as his mentor.

It is therefore necessary for the company representative to write us where the cost comes from. Maybe even he will be able to show us what the specific expenses for materials and for the service itself are presented.

Lack of professionalism and recklessness …

Every construction site has certain rules that must be strictly observed by every person. These relate to both the procedure in the event of any accidents and behavior while performing any work. It is necessary for employees to wear protective clothing – a helmet, a vest and others.

All irresponsible behavior should be a signal to us that we are dealing with a lack of professionalism. Then you have to seriously consider whether it would be better to bet on the services of another building company in London. We should strictly prohibit the consumption of alcohol on the construction site. Experience shows that practicing this can have very serious consequences.

Unfortunately, these are the issues that we will be able to see after a few days of work, hence our increased attention at the very beginning. It is very difficult to predict which builders will prove to be responsible and professional, and who are their complete opposite.